Flavor & Fragrance

Scents&blendsScents & Blends, a flavors & fragrances company in Singapore, is a major partner of ours. They offer fast delivery and incredible flavor to the food sector as well as fragrance solutions.

In 2009, Scents & Blends went into partnership with a global corporation, Koortrade International Group, to expand its business and markets. Scents & Blends currently provides flavor and fragrance solutions in South East Asia and Mexico. They also intend to expand their operations to other parts of the world

S&B has invested in R&D and uses high-quality core ingredients to become a leading Flavor & Fragrance provider in South East Asia and other regions while still maintaining price competitiveness, complying with the highest quality management standards.

Kital Vietnam offers clients many choices with a rich product portfolio, competitive prices, and good service. We have become a prestigious partner of choice of companies in Vietnam.

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