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At Kital Vietnam, we are the preferred distribution partner in the agricultural sector. With a team of experienced experts, we advise and provide the optimal solution for farmers.


The product provides completely soluble chelated trace minerals to help plants prevent yellowing of leaves, leaf scorch, fruit and vegetable rot, flower drop, leaf drop, and enhance the overall plant health.

Minerals penetrate quickly through leaves and fruits, brings immediate effect compared to conventional foliar fertilizers.



MEDOPAZ 80EC This product has the active ingredient Petroleum oil which can be used together with Emamectin benzoate.

Medopaz is a new and most advanced generation pesticide, used to treat spiders, worms, aphids.

ABAGRO 4.0EC Insecticide Abamectin is used to treat chewing and sucking insects for some crops such as rice, tomatoes, cabbage, watermelon, orange, etc.
AGRIMORSTOP An eco-friendly pesticide designed for organic agriculture.

Agrimorstop 66.124EC contains Azadirachtin 0.124% and Extract Neem oil 66%. Excellent pest control on peanuts and a wide range of crops.


Akina 48 EC (Clomazone) is rapidly absorbed through roots and young shoots, to prevent Poaceae (Chinese sprangletop, barnyard grass), broadleaf weeds, sedges in flood fields.

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ATILORA 48EC It contains Prochloraz as a fungicide active against a wide range of diseases affecting cereals, field crops, fruit and many other crops.

Broad-spectrum with protectant and eradicant properties.

AZOFENCO 325SC Belongs to the group of Trobirulin and Triazle, with a combination of two active ingredients, Azoxystrobin and Difenoconazole.

Specialized to target hard to control bacterial panicle blight and many other diseases on crops. Azofenco brings high efficiency and safety.

ACETA PRO 500WP A mixture of two active ingredients Acetamiprid and Buprofezin used to control rice planthoppers, panicle rice mite, rice thrips.
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